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I've started changing the layout of the site. Sorry for the inconvenience and the strange look and feel.

The site will become more of a blog. I'll be sharing some of my knowledge in the hope it benefits other people too.

When I'm done I'll let you know

In the meantime don't worry, you'll still be able to access all of the chess content here.

Hello to all chess-loving people out there!

I welcome you to this site, which is totally devoted to chess.

Here you will find all kind of insights in chess.

You're invited to explore the site and the ideas it covers. You are inteesting about chess, so you should to know what is self development.

I hope you'll get some ideas to bring to your own games and make you a better chess player.

If there are no new ideas for you at this moment, you're invited to return here any time in the future, as I will be adding as many insights as possible for all different levels of playing strength.

If you feel you have any insight to share with the chess community, I invite you to contribute your ideas and chess insights through this site.

This way, we can build a warm and friendly chess community, with ideas for all.

I hope you enjoy the site,


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privacy statement for
Like you, I value my privacy. Therefore I give you the privacy statement for my site.