Looking for Chess Endings?

Here you will find insights in the basic as well as the more advanced chess endings.

All kinds of endings will be added, one at the time. Over time this section (as it keeps growing) may well become your reference to chess endings.

If you played a particular ending yourself and you feel like it is fitted for this section, you're welcome to send me your game with your comments.

I will look at it, and publish the ending if others can learn and profit from it as well.

For now, we'll start with some basic insights for endgame knowledge.

Basic Mates For EveryoneTo Know

If you are not yet familiar with the basic mates, you can study them here.

The basic mates are:

There is one other basic (but difficult) mate to know. This is the King and Two Knights vs King and Pawn.

Advanced Ideas For Chess Endings

If you're looking for more advanced ideas, here's the place to find them...

Pawn endings

Rook endings

Bishop endings

Knight endings

Queen endings

Other endings

Random Insights Based On Real Games

Here you will find real endings, resulting from real games. I'll try to highlight the insights you can take home and use in your own games.

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