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On this page you'll find chess links to other chess sites.

I've put these links here for your conveniance, so you can easily visit other interesting chess sites.

When you decide to visit one of these websites, the link will open a new browser window with the chosen website.

, provided by GM Igor Smirnov!

The site contains many valuable lessons.

The site aims at helping you to improve your chess-skills and -understanding.

When you like to learn by watching chess video's, this may be a site you like.

ICC is one of the oldest chess servers for playing chess online. You'll be able to play against people from all over the world. There are some other interesting features as well such as following games of other players (grandmasters). ICC also hosts a lot of tournaments. The downside may be that it will cost you money to become a member and use all of the features.

On sparkchess you can play free games of chess. By playing on sparkchess, you may improve your board vision. How is that done? When you choose the piece you're going to play, the program shows all of the squares where the piece may move to. To some chess players this may seem annoying, but when you're still learning how to play, this may be very helpful.

When you're starting to study openings, you might want a tool to practice your opening lines.

Chesspositiontrainer has a free tool which can be used for practising your openings.

Although it doesn't help you to understand the ideas and plans in the positions you're practising, it may be very useful to go over your opening repertoire regularly.

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