Chess Plans And Goals In Chess

The list below can be used to evaluate your chess plans. You need to have as much chess knowledge as possible in order to make better plans in chess.

The list below can be used to examine your knowledge. If you encounter any ideas you're not yet familiar with, you could study that specific subject to improve your chess.

If you know the words, but don't know how to apply the idea in your game, you could benefit from studying that subject as well.

Strategic Ideas

Active Rooks

Attack against the King


Bishop vs Knight

Creating Imbalances

Create Targets

Destroying Pawn Structure

Good vs Bad Bishop

Fight for a square

Fix targets on attackable squares.

Hanging Pawns

Improving Piece Position

Improving Pawn Structure

Isolated Pawn

King Safety

King In The Endgame

Knights and bases of operation

Knight at The Edge

Mating Attack

Minority Attack

Open Files

Opposite Coloured Bishops

Opposite Side Castling

Passed Pawns

Play against two weaknesses


Queenside attack

Superior Bishop vs Knight

Superior Knight vs Bishop

The Seventh Rank

Undermining Pawn Structure


Winning Material

Wrong Queening Square

Tactical Motifs

Defending Against Mate

Double Attack (piece, mate, square).

Getting Rid Of An Important Defender (chasing away, luring away, capture)


Dicovered Attack

Mating sequences (mate in one, two, three, etc).

Mating Patterns

Playing for Stalemate

Preventing stalemate



X-ray attack

Undefended pieces

Hunting a piece to an unfavourable square

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