Rook vs Two Connected Pawns
(Part Three)

This is the third part on rook vs two connected pawns.

If you missed the previous parts, you can find them under rook vs two connected pawns and rook vs two connected pawns (part two).

In the first part, you've seen that two connected pawns on the third rank are very strong. Especially if the rook's king is out of play.

In the second part the kings started to join the action.

In this part we'll see some more positions with an active king.

Example nr.1

The pawns have almost reached the other side and the king is supporting them.

Can white save himself?

Yes! If you know the right maneuver, you'll even win with White!.

You'll win with 1.Rh1,

(The other try to stop the e-pawn would be 1.Re8, but this only leads to a draw after  1...Kc2;)

This stops the e-pawn from promoting and forces the black king to move.

1...Kc3; 2. Ke3,

You have found a way to enter the black bastion and bring your king in contact with both pawns.The pawns can't move without being captured, due to the king and rook co-operation.

Black will try to hold the position by playing

2...Kc2; The rook then has to play a waiting move

3. Rg1,

The waiting move was played to put Black in zugzwang and allow a winning maneuver.

The only move that protects the d-pawn is

3...Kc3 (3....d2 loses to 4.Kxe2).

And here follows your winning idea


The black king is forced to leave its pawns alone. This allows your king to take a dominant position and thereby win the game.

4....Kb2; 5. Kd2,

Do you see how you will easily win both pawns and the game?

If you don't see it yet, the idea here is: 5....Black king goes anywhere, then white plays Rc3 and Rxd3.

Example nr.2

The previous position, only closer to the edge of the board.

This time Black will escape due to stalemate ideas.

You know the (previously winning) idea... 1.Rg1, Ka2!!; 2.Kc3,

Now black is able to save himself with: 2...c1Q+; 3.Rxc1, b2;

In this position Black threatens to promote. White has no winning chance.

4.Rc2, Ka1; 5.Rxb2, stalemate.

You can find more interesting stuff about the rook vs two connected pawns in the fourth part of this series.

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